A-Z Recent Duration
00: Course Overview
5 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
How to use the Connected Environments Workshops Site.
01: Introduction to HTML and CSS
66 min Updated Oct 3, 2023
Learn how to create HTML Pages with some CSS styling and upload to a web server.
02: Introduction to JavaScript
153 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
Learn how to add JavaScript to your project and build your first Interactive Map.
03: My First JavaScript Application
63 min Updated Oct 12, 2022
In this session you’ll build your first web app with JavaScript to connect to the MQTT server.
04: Chrome DevTools Walk through
104 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
In this workshop you’ll learn how to use the Chrome Developer Tools to debug your web applications.
05: Introduction to Node.JS
116 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
Learn how to write your first Node.JS script, create and example API and add your very own end point.
06: Introduction to Databases
225 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
Introduction to Databases. Connect to the class database and query some interesting data.
07: Web Bluetooth and Sensors
3 min Updated Sep 5, 2022
Use more libraries inside HTML 5 framework to expand your applications to the next level by interacting with sensors.
08: 3D Mapping and Charting
112 min Updated Oct 4, 2023
Create interactive Web Maps using DeckGL, ECharts and Open Data,
09: WebGL and WebXR
107 min Updated Sep 4, 2023
Consume MQTT feeds using WebXR
10: More Libraries and Graphs
123 min Updated Oct 19, 2021
JavaScript 3 - Interactive Graphs and 3rd Party Libraries
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